Life is full of challenges – even when things are going well. Being overwhelmed by your schedule and your blessings can be stressful. Or maybe you are struggling with loss, a health crises or feeling anxiety about events in the news and politics. Whatever the source of your stress, restoring peace and balance is an everyday practice.  There are many pathways to peacefulness.

Reiki – a healing practice for balancing energy and reducing stress
– the ancient art of meditative movement
Meditation – a spectrum of methods and tools to restore the mind
Reading –  Truth in modern and ancient poetry and sacred texts
Writing – discover, articulate, and cherish your light and dark places

Ann Fleming is a Reiki Master, certified yoga teacher, and writer who enjoys sharing her favorite peaceful practices with those who are seeking ways to better encounter and enjoy their lives.

Ann is available for private appointments and group workshops in and around Bowie, Maryland, and anywhere else kindred spirits gather.

A peaceful world begins with peaceful people.