Meditation is a general term for a broad spectrum of practices that aim at quieting your mind enough to really engage in the present moment. We spend so much of our time doing; meditation helps us practice simply being. A regular meditation practice can enhance your ability to manage stress and engage in your life in more mindful ways, increasing your joy.

Clinical research documents the many health benefits of meditation. Whole
research clinics have developed, proving scientifically what ancient meditators knew in their hearts: Meditation is calming, healing, and energizing.

Your meditation practice can be as unique as you are. Meditation is rewarding whether done privately or in groups. It can be be still or moving. Meditation can be silent, or involve mountainmeditationmusic and sound. Your practice can involve chanting of sacred mantras, scriptures, or you can set your own intentions. Classic poses and symbolic gestures, called mudras can energize and focus your practice. You can follow guided imagery or write in a journal. You can close your eyes, stare at a candle, or look at the moon. Dozens of breathing exercises can enhance your practice. Meditation is also portable, and can be done anywhere from a special place in your home to an airport terminal.

The hardest thing to do is to start. Feel free to use the meditation blog posts to start, or schedule a private appointment or series of appointments to energize your meditation practice.