Reiki is a healing ritual that focuses the One Energy we all share to calm and strengthen those who use it. Originating in Japan, Reiki has gained popularity in the West as a healing art in the last century. As research into Reiki’s history expands, we are discovering the practice is at least centuries old. The energy it harnesses is as ancient as the universe itself.

Using light touch to channel energy, – Ki, from the Divine Source, or Rei-, to the place in the body in need of healing, Reiki shares Divine Oneness, honoring our connection to each other.

In 1922 in Japan, Mikao Usui blended Buddhist and Christian teachings to create this practice which has evolved as it has spread from culture to culture. His method, Usui Reiki, uses Japanese and Tibetan symbols to focus energy to the place of need. Reiki is not a religion and is useful to people of all beliefs.

Karuna Reiki, using Sanskrit symbols, is called the Reiki of Compassion. Karuna Reiki was developed by William Rand, an American devotee of Usui Reiki and the founder of the International Center of Reiki Training. There are other forms of Reiki and complementary healing practices that can be blended to best meet the needs of the client.

Reiki’s effects  can vary widely.  Some people experience healing that cannot be explained by modern medicine. Most recipients feel deeply relaxed and often report feeling tingling sensations and temperature variations. Many report seeing colors flow and change. It is common to have an emotional release that manifests in tears or laughter, or a physical response that can range from mild nausea to a burst of focused energy. Increasingly, hospitals encourage patients with ongoing treatments, like chemotherapy, to take Reiki therapy along with their therapy becauseJoshuaSunset those who do so have fewer side effects and a better results.

Practitioners are attuned to this healing, Highest Energy through sacred rituals passed from teacher to student. People get attuned to Reiki energy for many reasons.  Some are looking for a healing tool to help themselves and their family members through times of great stress.  Others attune to Reiki with the intention of creating an ongoing healing practice and community. Whatever your motive, Reiki is a practice that is available to all who seek a healing path.