What is Yoga?
joshtreeyogaYoga is meditation in motion. It is an ancient practice that connects the mind and the body in a way that frees the spirit. Although most people think of yoga as a series of poses to move the body through, the true basis of yoga is the breath. As you practice yoga – breath and poses, you exercise your ability to focus. You become more aware of how your body moves – and how it doesn’t. You become more aware of your habits of thought. You tune in to the subtleties of your emotions, witnessing their rise and fall within you.

Although yoga came to America a hundred years ago, in the past couple of decades it has become the subject of myriad clinical research studies. These studies have confirmed what the ancients knew intuitively: yoga is good for you. Yoga enhances flexibility and strengthens muscles and bones. It improves circulation, respiration, digestion, and immune function. Yoga decreases stress, depression, and insomnia. With regular practice you will notice your concentration improve. People will notice the difference in you.

The earliest writings about yoga are five thousand years old, which means the actual practice is even more ancient. Yoga is older than Moses. By the time Jesus visited the big city of Jerusalem as a child, it is likely that he would have seen someone practicing yoga. This is no passing fad. Yoga is here to stay.

Although yoga developed out of Hindu teachings, it is not of itself a religion. Because yoga increases your connection to  your inner self, it can enhance any spiritual practice. Many yogis treat their practice with the same reverence as a religion. As a free-thinking individual, you can decide yoga’s place in your own spiritual practices.

Yoga House Calls
Yoga is an adaptable wellness practice that can be done anywhere, by anyone. Ann specializes in helping you develop your own private practice, unique to your lifestyle and your body. Contact Ann for a yoga house call to begin developing a practice customized for your unique needs.

Yoga can be adapted for every body. You are never too old or young, never too stiff or overweight, never too injured or ill. Yoga begins at your starting point. Yoga can be done in a studio, in your home, outdoors, or any time or place that you can focus on your breath. Call Ann to start your own private practice.