Aqua Yoga!

One of my favorite variations on yoga is a water practice in my backyard pool. A few times each summer I’ll schedule a group practice for a little fun in the sun.

We begin with mindfulness of sunlight and water, the serenade of cicadas, your hands outstretched to the blue sky. We turn to the wall for aquatic sun salutations, keeping our downward dogs just above the surface. The buoyancy of the water allows for a deeper warrior series. And you’ll love your half-moon in the pool.

We get creative with swim noodles, using them for arms, abs, and balance. If we’re all feeling playful, I love to create a whirlpool and then reverse it. Meditation is afloat, and I love to see the stillness of the water with everyone enjoying a moment of bliss. The hot tub is the cherry on top of the practice.

If you’ve read this far into the post because you’re considering attending an upcoming practice, here’s what you need to know. Come around the side gate into the backyard. Feel free to change in and out of your swimsuit here. You’ll only need sunscreen if our practice is early: my pool’s mostly shaded by 4pm. You’ll want a towel, and if you have a swim noodle, please bring it along. I have several. I’ll have ice in the coolers if you want to stash any beverages for after our practice too;)  And you can see from the picture above that my pool will max out at about 12 for water yoga, so please RSVP via email and I’ll send you the address. I’ll have a box by the water for your $10 class fee. I hope you can join in the fun!

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