Chair Yoga

5:30 pm Tuesdays
at the Bowie Lions Club
8-class sessions for $80
$15 drop-in fee

2023 Next Session: May 9- July 11

What is Chair Yoga? Maybe you’ve heard of all the benefits of a regular yoga practice, but are unsure if you are in a strong enough place to start or maintain a regular practice. Using a chair to support your yoga practice can enhance your practice in many ways: supporting balance and stamina, protecting tender knees and backs, allowing longer stretches. We open each practice with seated stretches, flowing with the pace of our breath, and add a fun bit of seated aerobics. We stand by our chairs as we move through all of the classic warrior poses and balance poses before returning to our seats for our final stretch, relaxation, and meditation.

Who should take Chair Yoga? Chair Yoga is a great way to enhance your flexibility with your current fitness activities. It is also a way to continue your practice as you move through health challenges such as pregnancy, post-op recovery, and the complexities of aging. Maybe you are like me, still rebuilding my fitness and stamina post-pandemic. Whatever your motives, Chair Yoga is gentle practice that will enhance your calm, strength, and balance.

How do I join the class? My chair yoga practices are available by zoom and in-person at the Lions Den in Old Bowie. If you would like to join via zoom, please email me at least 30 minutes before class: We can work out payment through Venmo, CashApp, or good old-fashioned cash or check. Please watch the video for some pointers before starting your practice at home.

If you are practicing with us at the den, please arrive 5 minutes early so we can get all set up and start on time. If you are running late, no worries – just slip in and join us when you can. Life is unpredictable, and a little yoga is better than none! I have extra mats and chairs that will be set up and waiting for you.

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