Chips & Sushi

July 19, 2015

The clouds didn’t deter us, sun not our only motive
Just the sound of the waves like a craving

Umbrella, blanket, towel, one chair
And a picnic – but it could wait

The boulders drew us over to explore the tidepools
The mystery of the other side luring us over the top

So beautiful

We returned to our picnic—
and a report from the next blanket over.

Seagulls took your chips!
We chased them away!

I eyed the reporters suspiciously,
The bags were unopened!

But later I witnessed another seagull incursion
a chee-toh feeding frenzy.

Poor seagulls

6989626-beach-waves-sea-bird-seagullI always felt a kinship with the seagull
the soothing song of waves, warm sand

And as I watched the seagulls I realized
if I was one of these seagull banditos

I would still be me, staring at the crashing ocean
feeling regret over more chips than sushi.

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